15th Antiphon from Great and Holy Friday Matins

Sometimes it is wonderful to just listen to the richness of the Church’s musical heritage. I can listen to this particular antiphon over and over again and never get bored. It opens my heart in stunning ways. By means of it, the events of our Lord’s life and that of His apostles becomes present to me and I become a real participant in them with them. Likewise, they have the opportunity to enter into the events of my life and participate with me.

The point of worship is not to get caught up in dramatic performances or showmanship. The point is to let the Holy Spirit enliven us from within and without.

I hope you enjoy it. And, I pray it will minister to you in deeply mystical ways. Let the words and rhythm of the chant focus your thoughts and usher your mind into your heart.

Fr. Thomas

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Today He Who hung the earth upon the waters is hung on the Tree (x3)
The King of the Angels is decked with a crown of thorns
He Who wraps the heavens in clouds, is wrapped in the purple of mockery
He Who freed Adam in the Jordan is slapped on the face
The Bridegroom of the Church, is affixed to the Cross with nails
The Son of the Virgin is pierced by the spear
We worship Thy Passion, O Christ (x3)
Show us also Thy Glorious, Resurrection!

4 thoughts on “15th Antiphon from Great and Holy Friday Matins

  1. Not only did the timing of your posting and the ethereal wonder of this video touch me powerfully, I “stole” your idea for my own blog posting.(!) I gave you credit, of course. Still recovering from my Godly healing trek, I re-found myself at home, where I shall soon kneel with The Magnificat for Holy Week and say Evening Prayer. Bless you for touching me with this gift. Tonight, worship over performance took precedence.

  2. Words cannot express the beauty of this. Thank you so much. I hope you won’t mind that I’ve re-posted it on my blog. I want more people to hear it.

  3. Everyone,

    I am very glad that the video ministered to you. I have been spending this morning (Holy Saturday) watching and listening to other videos and audio recordings of Pascha (Easter) chants. Perhaps I will have another to post later today. It/they may or may not be in English…

    Fr. Thomas

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