Word and or Deed, Offered and or Received — A Reprise

St. Maximos

St. Maximos the Confessor, in his forward to the “Four Hundred Texts on Love,” wrote to Father Elpidios, its recipient, the following:  “…we who plague people with words are many nowadays, while those who teach or are taught by actions are very few… If anything in these chapters should prove useful to the soul, it will be revealed to the reader by the grace of God, provided he reads, not out of curiosity, but in the fear and love of God.” (The Philokalia, vol. 2, pg. 52)

A fitting vigilance and humility inspiring prefatory caution to any and all words, I/we presume to write or speak; read or hear.

God visit and bless us with Your mercy,

Fr. Thomas


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