Thanksgiving – Eucharisteo

There are tons of wonderful websites that offer deeply inspirational reflections on “thanksgiving” (eucharisteo) in the life of the Christian. I commend them to you. Here is my meager offering:

Thanksgiving is life-giving and expansive in nature. (Eucharisteo)

The essential characteristic of life that makes life fruit-bearing (life-giving) is love. Love is expansive and transformative, saving all it touches by embracing it with love. Nothing can stand in the way of its progress. Even the gates of hell shall not prevail against its all encompassing progress. It is the saving enlargement of the heart of the faithful who embody and proclaim this message of Life and bring within their heart — the environment of salvation (God Himself by grace) all whom God loves.

Thanksgiving is joyful in nature. (Eucharisteo)

It is not dependent on happiness or sorrow. It fills and expresses itself through them both.

It is natural, a spontaneous and unending upwelling and outpouring toward not only the beloved but all that is beloved to the beloved.

Thanksgiving is sacrificial in nature. (Eucharisteo)

It does not count life something to be protected in order to be lived rightly, but rather to be offered in order to be lived rightly.

Thanksgiving as a sacrifice is costly. Cost is not counted using the criteria of this world but of the Kingdom. According to its measurement, the cost is no cost at all. It is all profit. It is all benefit. It expresses itself through forms of paradox. In fasting and feasting the faithful are always well nourished by it. In the multifaceted prayer life of the faithful they enjoy perfect communion with the Lord. In giving and receiving the faithful are rich beyond measure. In tears and laughter the faithful celebrate unceasingly. The faithful and the creation lack nothing.

Thanksgiving is beautiful in nature. (Eucharisteo)

Thanksgiving is the outpouring of the very heart of God — His inner life of thankful tri-unity. How beautiful, therefore, is the Lord and all the Lord has made. Worthy of our thanksgiving, expressed in all the various forms recounted in Scripture, is the One Lord our God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.


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