Blind to the Plain Truth – Here Comes Lent

A friend of mine sent this link to me. It is well worth the read. It hit me hard.

It points out the degree to which all of us may (we almost certainly do, I believe) have a huge blind spot when it comes to encountering the Biblical text and/or living any aspect of the Christian life. The author of the post mentions only one such blind spot.

Again I say, I believe we all have such a blind spot(s). We are soooo “out to lunch” when it comes to our pontifications and presuppositions regarding our maturity and lack of “foibles” to use a term that gives us too much of the benefit of the doubt. They are reflections based on illusions and ways of approaching the disciplines that miss the mark. And here is the kicker, we don’t even realize it. The “emperor has no clothes.”

The problem is that we don’t even know we are blind until something happens that makes it obvious. That is what we call revelation. It invites/challenges us to repent and live a changed life by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the revelation is gentle. Sometimes its pretty rough.

Thee Judeo-Christian faith is revelatory. We must come to realize this ever more deeply. We must be at all times desperately in need to “a word from God” in the best sense of that term. It is possible to rightly read the Scriptures and rightly practice each and every discipline of the Spirit. But, the prerequisite is revelatory grace and making the adjustments that bring us into more complete agreement with the Truth that God reveals.

Lent is coming… Great time to ask God to show us where we are blind (where we are disconnected from Truth) so we can embrace the healing of our sight and engage in living life as someone who can now see. A great opportunity to ask the Lord to show us what influences how we listen to the words of Jesus in the context of Scripture, prayer, fellowship, ministry, and witness; and, in turn, how we respond to those words by the way we live our life.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on ME a sinner — a clueless blind pontificator.


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