The Heart of Christ Jesus — My Heart

The sacred heart of Jesus the Christ is big enough to embrace and contain the whole universe.

By grace, our heart is to become over a lifetime of purification, illumination, and deification, the heart of Jesus the Christ. His heart is to become our heart…

Indeed, “blessed are the pure in heart.”

“The purer the heart is, the larger it is, the more able it is to find room within it for a great number of beloved ones; whilst the more sinful it is, the more contracted it becomes, and the less number of beloved it can find room for, because it is limited by self love, and that love is a false one. It is pleasing to God when a man begins to notice His action in the heart, because He is the Light and the Truth, whilst the Devil is powerful only through darkness, deceit, and falsehood; reveal his falsehood, place it before the light, and all will disappear! The future life is the perfect purity of the heart, which is now only gradually purified, and which is at present more often shut and darkened by sin and by the Devil’ s breathing into it, and only at times, under the influence of God’s grace, brightens and sees God, being united to Him most truly during prayer and in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. ” -St. John of Kronstadt


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