Salvation: Relational not Formulaic

“I have often heard people saying, ‘Alas, how will I be saved? I lack the strength to fast, I’m no good at keeping a vigil, I’m unable to be chaste, I can’t leave the world, so how is it possible to be saved? How? I’ll tell you. Reprieve and you will be given reprieve, forgive and you will be forgiven. That’s the short road to salvation. And I’ll show you a second way. What? Don’t judge and you won’t be judged. Here’s yet another road without fasts, vigils, and effort. Don’t judge your brother even if you see him sinning with your own eyes”.​ St. Anastasios the Sinaite (700), Discourse on the Holy Synaxis, PG 89, 845A​


Keep it Simple

“Let your prayer be completely simple. For both the publican and the prodigal son were reconciled to God by a single phrase.”
– St. John Climacus