Are We There Yet?! – 2

Words like patience, forbearance, forgiveness, self-control, hope, perseverance, joy, faith, peace, and others, have meaning when lived in the conviction that God’s straight line is experienced by us as a crooked line. These words and the meaning they hold are essential if we are to journey the mysteriously spacious, life-giving, straight and narrow Way of Christ.

The more we embrace and co-operate with the purifying, illuminating, and deifying work of the Holy Spirit, the more every one of these realities is fulfilled in us and through us. For me, and I surmise for most, this is realized only in retrospect (if at all !). The more we are more able, in the present moment, to reckon the crooked way of our experience as truly the good and perfect straight Way of the Lord. For this is, I conceive, what it means to have and live the mind of Christ.


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