Great Book

Books have, as I have indicated in other blog posts, been one of the essential features of the architecture of my salvation.

I have thought, when asked to narrate the story of my relationship with God, to use the pivotal books as the framework.

All of this by way of saying that I am in the midst of reading (halfway through at this writing) what I believe to be one of those books!

The Grace of Incorruption, by Donald Sheehan.

The category of “great books” have always operated in two salvific ways in my life. Both facilitate awe and wonder – reverence and gratitude.

It is, by far, one of the most intellectually elegant books I have read in many months. He touches on subjects that articulate the heart of the gospel and the paradigm that is essential to living it out. It ministers to the reasonable aspect of my heart.

But it is also a book that nourishes and nurtures the intuitive aspect of my heart. I can only read a couple of pages at a time before I am compelled to stop and savor. I can only approximate the reality of this aspect by saying:

  • “A space opens up within me into which I descend in some kind of stillness”
  • “I am taken places”
  • “A kind of effortless attentiveness and focus is given to me as a gift instead of an effort on my part”
  • “I realize the upwelling of a sense of knowing deeper than knowing – perhaps completeness of being”
  • “I am able to participate in and view the events of my life that have already occurred with an unmediated joy and a kind of healing”
  • “All manner of things have been, are, and shall be well”

It is like he is reading my heart in a certain transporting fullness.


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