The Camino Type Blog

This past weekend, someone asked me if I would ever write a book. I explained to them that the Lord has re-created me, in His death and resurrection, to express Him in and through the “vow of conversation.”

The variations of the word “conversation” all issue from the concept of “conversion.” Conversation is a pilgrimage – a journey – a transformative engagement. The “ruminations” I post here are a good example. They are never finished. If you read the last post on “expectations” when it was freshly posted and read it now, you will realize that it has changed. Actually, it has been amended 5 times since I first posted it!! The comparison serves to show how the “conversation” the Holy Spirit and I are having has matured. I dare not say progressed because the whole journey is about revelation not progress. All along the way the most important thing is complete engagement in the whole all along the way. So, you see, it is not about progress…

That means that if you or I ever quote one of my posts, you are not quoting a piece of writing but a journey – a life not a thing, a piece of writing.

Get it ? ?

Now that leads me to an admission. I must admit, that after a couple of days, the post does cease its journey of transformation. But, in a way, it has not. Indeed, the journey has ceased to occur on the blog and continued to occur in my life by God’s mercy. So, you see, the camino of my salvation that the posts represents, continues…

So, unless someone invents a “conversational book” that can be unceasingly in the process of having been written and being written, I will never write a book. My unending camino is my book.

So, my posts will, on many occasions be amended by me. Now, that may break somebody’s rules for how blog posts “should” be. Be that as it may. The way I blog is the way I blog.

I invite you to revisit the posts and see how they have journeyed.

God be unceasingly blessing you today,


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