The Simple Life – The Good Life

The gospel readings remind me that, in view of the fact that that this gospel could be “best understood” and “most effectively lived” by “uneducated men” (Acts 4.13), the commonest of people who populated ancient Palestine (the fools !!), it must be a matter of the heart not the head. It points to the presence of a deep intuition that is not acquired but already present though inaccessible to us. Not achieved via the doctorate or the tickling of the emotions, but via the heart and the pouring out of life via “two copper coins.”

There is one thing needful and one thing only – the simplicity and mysterious quietness of an unrelenting hunger and thirst for righteousness (right relationship of synergistic union). The spirit of Mary. My Martha self and its attachment tobookworm education and emotional comfort can be the biggest roadblocks (distractions) to “understanding” and “living (working) out” of salvation in course of everyday life.

Ironic that these two – education and emotional comfort – are among the major goals of our post-Enlightenment social matrix.

Perhaps this is what I need to fast from – educated-ness and the false comfort it offers.

I have too many books and not enough silence. I need to spend more time engaged in what Elder Sophrony taught rather than reading about what Elder Sophrony taught…

The permutations of my familiar demon – the educated Thomas – are seemingly endless.

Twists and turns abound… Perhaps my road to hell is lined with bookshelves and comfortable leather library chairs…

Someone has said to me about all of this, “God is simple and still. We can only be with Him if we are simple and still.”

God grant me the mercy of this fast — simplicity and stillness. Not to fix but to heal.


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