A Prayer of Parents for their Children

Years ago, I came across a wonderful prayer designed to be prayer by  parents for their children. I have prayed it for our three children ever since. I shared it with Lorna and she is praying it for them as well.

We share it with you and hope it is beneficial in the pursuit of running the race that has been set before you – Christian parenting.

Fr. Thomas and Lorna


A Prayer of Parents for their Children

Holy Father, eternal God, from whom all goodness and blessings flow, I humbly pray to You for the children Your mercy has granted me. You have given them substance; You have through an everlasting soul given them life, and renewed their spirit through baptism, by virtue of which they are able to obey Your commandments and attain the kingdom of heaven. Preserve them in Your grace to the end of their lives, and sanctify them, that Your Name be hallowed in them. Co-operate with me by Your grace that I bring them up for the glory of Your Holy Name and for the benefit of our neighbors. Grant me the necessary means for this, wisdom, patience, and fortitude. O Lord, enlighten them by the light of Your wisdom that they love You with all their soul and thought. Plant into their hearts the fear and repulsion of all wickedness that they move forward on their way without corruption. Beautify their soul by Your chastity, kindness, humility, diligence, patience, and all virtues. Guard their lips by truth that all slander, falsehood and wickedness be offensive to them. Sprinkle them with the dew of Your grace, that they prosper in virtue and holiness, and that they grow up in Your favor and in the love of righteous men. May their Guardian Angel ever be with them and protect their youth from vain thoughts, from the attraction and seduction of this world, and from all snares of the evil spirit. And if at any time they were to sin before You, turn not Your face away from them, but be merciful to them, awaken in their heart contrition, and according to the multitude of Your mercies, cleanse them of their sins. Do not withdraw from them the bounties of the earth, but grant them everything necessary for their temporal needs and for the gaining of eternal salvation. Protect them from affliction, anger, and misfortune, harm and pain through all the days of their life. O good Lord, I pray to You, grant that I have joy and gladness in my children; vouchsafe that I appear with them before Your terrible tribunal, and without fear say: “Here I am, O Lord, with the children You have given to me;” that together with them, praising Your indescribable goodness and eternal love, I may glorify Your most Holy Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit unto ages of ages. Amen.  — Taken from Selected Orthodox Prayers, Eastern Orthodox Books, Willits, CA.